by Summer Underground

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Overture 04:45
You were holding your chapstick like a cigarette Sitting in the backseat of your best friend's car You were looking out the window at the fast food chains Or were you looking for a way out from tradition and shopping malls You screamed: "There is more to life than just the suburbs And though we might miss our parents and our sisters There is someplace calling me, drawing me and fucking up my sleep And I am not one to resist temptation I wanna go where everybody looks the same And nobody knows my name And I don't have to answer anyone Take all the space that I know well Trade it for a tiny cell, live inside and start another life" Well, if there is an answer to our prayer Surely it lies between two rivers there Everybody's talking about how they wanna die young But I wanna live forever I used to tell you many things about the way the future would bring us answers in bags with bows Now I don't know what's in front of me I don't know what's right behind me Paranoid incessantly thoughts of us evanescing into a nest of muscle and bone I will always be beside you in Sunnyside on stormy islands Somewhere in the miles of code This might feel strange for a while Leave it to me I'll save the files There's a glitch in the hall She won't answer the call Self belief razor-thin, a history filled with sin And the rat at the door, I can hear him and he's clawing for more Let me out of the cage, I have plenty to say Where does it end? I live on an island! Where does it end? I live on an island! The room has never felt so still The curtains drawn, the creature falls, the current stalls Your eyes have never looked so blue I love you now, I love you now, I love you now now, now, now, now....
Honeycomb 05:13
I moved here in the year in the afterlife of my youth I found a room in a cell of this honeycomb And to make myself at home I tried to hang your picture on the honey wall took a slip and had a honey fall bought some bandaids at the honey mall Now I'm flying again, trying to send a message to you In the walls of a honeycomb people breathing and people eating and it's sweet and sticky and it's always crowded and the buzzing never stops Unemployment is high, conversation is low Three hundred and eighty nine years old I'm thinking about dying here alone That's how much I like it inside of the honeycomb Ooh, ooh, ooh, ring that bell for me Ooh, ooh, ooh, save a cell for me Ooh, ooh, ooh, you do well for me Slow sweet sting, like a honeybee In the walls of a honeycomb Lovers loving and preachers preaching Beggars begging and the rich kids who never had to verb Unemployment is high Conversation is low Three hundred and eighty nine years old I’m thinking about dying here alone That's how much I like it inside of the honeycomb Over and back My body picking up slack Buzzing from flower to flower Hour to hour We were swimming in the summer sweating under sheets and covers at night We were spindles under-loving dangling naked in the pale moonlight Honey you move me how do you move me like honey how do you move like honey how do you move?
Beacon 05:09
Skip the subway, hail a taxi take the BQE right down, you know the drill Friday night and things are happening Hat, gloves, sweater get right at me But everywhere we turn it's like a living Urban Outfitters ad Just an observation - I don’t know or really care if it's good or bad It's as if you were just a beacon in a river that I couldn’t have Now you've got cracks and fault lines in your pavement but I could be fine with that I was in love with you I was in love with you When we were standing on the roof Overlooking our neighborhood I could tell you were nervous From the way that you stood We were lookin at the houses and the lights and the cars I was only watching you I know you knew! But you kept climbing higher Here above the wires I will hang my heart From the laces of your shoes I will play my part And promise not to move - I will hang very still Aren’t they moments like these that you see in your head Stop writing them down take me to bed Its been a long time I’ve waited to be alone with you It's as if you were just a beacon in a river that I couldn’t have Now you've got cracks and fault lines in the pavement but I could be fine with that I was in love with you I was in love with you I see your spire through the trees The twisted metal in the leaves There's thunder in this very need There’s something waking up in me I know that you’ll appreciate your power to resuscitate a soul that couldn’t run the race and now I’m staring in the face or a facade is it a place or a mirage I don't care just put me there and take my clothes but don't tell god Off the map and into the stadium Gladiators swingin like they famous You were just a beacon in a river that I couldn't have Now you've got cracks and fault lines in the pavement But I could be fine with that
Following a boat named Christine down the Garden State Parkway Passive in the passenger seat I sit in wait patiently This summer in limbo A period of life Molecules spin faster than the loops in my translucent mind I could waste my days on you in the highway haze I could waste my rays on you and not think it was a waste Passing by carnival rides all folded up on moving trucks It didn’t take us long to realize that travelin feeling was creepin up Our summer in limbo a period of life Molecules spin faster than the loops in my translucent mind well can you read me at 300 word speed the gas tank’s empty but we’re not worried well honey should we be? I could waste my days on you in the highway haze I could waste my rays on you and not think it was a waste
Coyote 04:46
Standing on the Hudson’s edge I watch these crystal lights don their nighttime skin I don't think I've ever felt winds this strong I watch them balance all the chaos into bliss-filled, untamed song I cry in time with her: "Hosannah, Manhattan" I was alone with her breathing her stillness oh but I - I wanna step out to your front porch I wanna listen to the wolves in your back yard Take me now I’m ready The evening's running steady and I’m all alone and ready for your arms Isn’t it wonderful to feel so alarmed? In the morning when you wake your bones Who will you see outside your window? I don’t need an answer but I won’t be the cancer that destroys you all and leaves you to rust. I can believe in anything if I must. But I'm here this beautiful prison I feel like a child and you are a novel I turn your pages the bears and the caverns The Earl after work’s out Hudson St. and the third house Or being too high in your winter cabin the casino in Pittsburgh the bridges and real birds The American flag planted next to a gravestone the earth and the ocean and Aquinnah at sundown You help me see it: the beauty in all things but not ‘til they're ending what would the point be? to realize i’m grateful before its too late for feelings like that to wash over me I'm sick of the rats - just let them free and we sing: "Hosannah, Hosannah" I can feel everything change
Tired of this room so I go out walkin down Steinway Oh the noise and the rhythm something thats bigger something so tough That I can’t grasp it Who do you think you are Lovin me like you do? If I were you I’d’ve walked out a long time ago We both know there ain’t nothin beneath this city but an old rail road Man, everybody’s shoes be hurtin them these days Here in these walls our bodies engrave stone and sand Who we are to each other Can’t be defined, no It ain’t programed It ain’t planned Who do you think you are Lovin me like you do?
Stranger 04:31
Something in the room and you know that you are scared of it It's like a message sent from hell a river rips in through the cells Who have I been sleeping next to every single night? Shock sets in, the couch distance gets even greater There’s a force between the lies Some things we cant recognize What else have you hid inside your pretty little mind? When you were a stranger somewhere in Pennsylvania You had fallen off the map and into memories distilled Every time you hurt me you bring bandages and lemonade and I’ll be coming around for you like I always do But don’t expect it every time, it's getting old and fast When you were a stranger somewhere in Pennsylvania Fallen off the map and into memories distilled These voices that told me run when you’re lonely But I could never run from you You’re everywhere and everyone and everybody knows But babe I swear that you know me I ain't got secrets for you What, you think i’ve been lying about how much I love you Babe I swear that you know me better than I know you When you were a stranger You we’re nothing if aimless You’ll probably be famous But I'm so sick of the language So come on and thrill me This is your chance to fulfill me How do you feel about: You and me and human beings?
Vera 05:19
You were raised inside the Roosevelt Hotel Your parents knew to treat you and they treated you well You never had to apply yourself to anything at all But girl you make it work, you wear it well A combination of fabrics held together by the spell That everybody falls into When you walk into the room Everybody drops their glass and swoons Here come the Rats of New York City! Well your daddy was a banker and your momma was a painter But you never shared those sorts of goals nah You worked the other 9 to 5: good posture drunk out in the cold When it’s time to die remember this When your paradise has faded and your bones are wearing thin Remember the garden walls and the volumes of rare novels Not to mention all the alcohol It’s a fucking miracle we ever even lived Here come the Rats of New York City! Now everybody break it down and clap: Oh when the rats come rushing in How I’ll hope to be in the Lord’s favor When the rats come rushing in When the towers start to fall How I'll hope to be in a basement When the towers start to fall And when the sirens start to wail We'll cut in line with the sinners When the sirens start to wail When the earth gets swallowed up How I’ll hope to God I’ll be riding towards the sky With Rats of New York riding up behind And when we rev our engines and reach the other side We’ll release, we’ll release, we’ll release. And then we’ll close the turnpike - transfiguration day open the car doors - let the radio play We’ll be dancing softly in the light of day til the ferry comes and takes you away to an asylum in the river where you’ll waste away Now your final procession starts at Avenue A We march your ashes through the borough towards the West Side Highway you were the savior, the invader, you had the right of way your soul gets swallowed by the hudson It’s the river you hate the preacher signals to the choir and the boardwalk starts to shake Now everybody bow your heads and pray: “Thank God for Rats”
Mr. Edison 04:26
Fable 03:41
we ran away one sunday morning early in spring far from the city we crossed every border the three of us things out in the fields we wed and we waded through the deepest of streams toward the jungle of steam where the sun burns so hot we spend hours in water letting the toxins out of our skin I made you clothes out leaves we spend our days roaming because here in the forest there’s no art and no money so while nobody dreams, no ones in debt your mother and father your possible daughter the blood orange sun beating down on your chest I will never love you more than I loved you when you were the bravest person I’d ever met before we know it the sacrament’s over why build a fort and burn it down the same day these are the things we cannot explain only a feeling here in Brooklyn we march from the center eyes covered, head down nothing about it is grand or unusual everything feels like its breaking
The dinosaurs who roamed broadway in the summer Found a second kind of home reincarnate city lovers Now we’re still just meat and bone drawn to one another With the rise and fall of the ancient island’s call All the the carnivores who moaned at the storming of the thunder some massive flying stone look at what now we just have uncovered: I don’t wanna die alone Can I please bring a friend to the meteor show? I will kiss you in the glow I’m in love with the bodega man And the guy who works in the guitar shop down the street I’m in love the with collective unconscious And all the characters I meet I’m in love with your body of knowledge I’m in love with the body itself And I wanna hold onto this feeling Bottle it up on my shelf I don’t like anybody else I’m in love with your every self take your fears put em on the a shelf they’ll get dusty we’ll rot in hell
Truce 05:16
Back in Pittsburgh I traced time with a finger down your spine Maybe it's time I settled on a truth I was changing everything about myself to please you Here in New York We waste time We don’t even Go out any more There’s a reason I lock the door I've been changing everything about myself to please you In your bedroom we’re on fire There’s a ringing but we don’t mind Maybe it’s time we figured out a truce I’ve been changing everything about myself to please you We’re gonna break out of here - the most comfortable prison I’ve ever spent time in and the light of the world will swallow us whole You’re a brilliant girl and I always felt lucky with you by my side but it's just me in the ring and I need to swing
Heaven 05:08
You were right about the end It was hard and it was tense Nearing fast the rivers end This is it babe let's pretend we’re on an escalator to heaven Wake up cradling your head turn the shower on again well the weeks they never end quit your job babe let’s pretend they have a lot of wine in heaven In a hundred years will you be right here will I have lost the fear of losing myself in freak accident or will I still be irrationally afraid of everything? But I'm Procrastinator Major General as your superior I command you to do nothing with me till we die When you stand there and you look that way I feel like a cheap champagne bubbling up (to heaven) I’ve been standing in this river I’ve been waiting for you I’ve visualized the afterlife I’ve punctured all the clues and I’ve been lining them up (to heaven) I know you don’t want to hear it but I gotta tell the truth Don’t know how it'll happen yet I haven’t set the rules But one day I'll be losing you (to heaven) When you stand there and you look that way I feel like the first of May covered in flowers and rain When I get to heaven If I get to heaven gonna live forever on caviar and lemons
Borderline 03:36
Borderline, I see you Though the image is incomplete I watch you through the window from 70-thousand feet Oh isn’t it time to carry on? Oh isn’t it time? Listening to the Dark Side As we whiz past the moon Through a headphone splitter connecting me to you Oh isn’t it time to carry on? Oh isn’t it time? Tipsy, tiltering turbulence A peculiar powwow of nerds Inventing fake curses Discussions of delicate discourses Oh isn’t it time to carry on? Oh isn’t it time? Paralyzed by fear I watch incessantly The latitudes dividing the parting of the seas Oh isn’t it time to carry on? Oh isn’t it time?
Montage 05:12
A phone call from Midtown to Queens nearly ended everything you are cemented in my thoughts The light on in the dark Now I can’t remember how September used to bring about an independence pending on just how dependent our bodies are You had nothing left to say right before you I was evolving We weren’t meant to stand the flames Time is a concept Everyone knows that Almost crying in a bar is always strange I never win these sorts of games you think I'm quiet and detached The sugars there, can’t reach the latch I know you need me to explain the riddled truth - the turning game I can’t take sides i fear the sum the question asked told me to run I have nothing left to say this is the theme song let the credits roll I say its time for a montage video rewind I’m walking down your driveway swallowed in the silence I enter through the basement a pile of your laundry Make the corners of your bed I'll watch you from the den oh the rhythm of your shoulders i’ve never had a friend - a friend invite me over who listened like a lover My eyes glued to the mirror something becomes clearer in the quiet of your bathroom There are things I cannot tell you things that might compel you to kick my shins I had nothing left to say right before me I saw a lifetime you are the rope! that I can hold on to I cant ever make plans my brain doesn’t work that way I'll swim if the water says When she rolled over and whispered in your ear "Do all rats go to heaven or just the ones who care?"


released November 25, 2014

Honeycomb was recorded by Summer Underground during the summer of 2014 in the living room of Valley View Studios in Ligonier, PA. Additional recording was done in Pittsburgh, PA, and bedrooms in the Lower East Side and Queens, NY.

Chrissy Sandman: vocals, grand piano, MicroKorg, Roland keyboard FP-7F, vocoder, flute, djembe, toy piano (Jaymar), claps, whistling

Grant Carey: vocals, grand piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, nylon & steel string acoustic guitars, MicroKorg, ukulele, melodica, percussion, fake drums, fake strings

Additional Vocalists on “Overture”:
Kathryn Allison, Kelsey Beck, Davis Blout, Alexa Cepeda, Devon Solorow-Cox, Kate Cough, John Johnson, Emily Manna, Jack Radley, Daniel Ryave, Mike St. Germain

Music & Lyrics by Summer Underground
Mixed & Produced by Summer Underground
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Queen Bee Producer: Lynn Miyamoto
Original artwork by Caitlyn Knepka
© ℗ 2014


all rights reserved



Summer Underground Los Angeles, California

indie pop duo, Chrissy Sandman & Grant Carey

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